Wholesale Rates & Policy of Alexandria Educational Center

Discount Rates for Resellers


Discount Rate


From $300 to $1,000



Between $1,000 to $2,500



Over $2,500



Drop Shipment* - Any Amount


Online Wholesale Order Notes

  • You can place your order online as normal and enter the corresponding coupon code to your purchase amount to redeem the discount. S&H may need to be adjusted after shipping your order based on the # of boxes in the shipment (which is not calculated online).
  • You must mention in the special instructions that this is for resale and provide proof of your business.After shipping the order we will finalize the invoice and send you a copy. If needed, additional amount will then be charged or refunded if extra.
  • The maximum discount depends on the overall discount category your order falls under and the price margin for particular item/s.

Payment Information

  • All orders must be prepaid.
  • To expedite your order, pay by money order, cashier's check, or a certified company check. You can place the order online and select the 'Check' payment option. We will prepare your invoice and email it to you. Once your payment is received we will then ship your order.

Drop Shipments

  • Drop shipment means issuance of a purchase order to us by a reseller whereby the order is shipped directly to the customer and billed to the reseller (reseller does not need to keep our books in stock).
  • You can add our books to your website and when your customer orders you can forward it to us or submit it through the shopping cart; we can then ship them directly to your customer.

For questions & comments please use the Contact Form.

Note: Since most of our shipments are arriving by air, we cannot afford to offer higher discount rates to our wholesale customers. Therefore, above rates are being adopted instead of raising our existing prices.